Assure quality and enhance stakeholders’ satisfaction

In 2007

Center for Educational Testing and Quality Assurance (CET-QA) is devoted to Nong Lam University – Ho Chi Minh City as an education – training, science – technology unit, which is established under President’s Decision No.796/QD-DHNL-TCHC dated 04th June, 2007.

In 2009

Pursuant to Decision no. 2339/2QĐ-ĐHNL-TCCB dated 11th November 2009, the president combined ISO unit and CET-QA in order to ensure the quality and enhance stakeholders’ satisfaction, with the motto: “Learner-centered”.

In 2017

After more than ten years of operation, in considering the next steps in implementation of educational testing and quality assurance activities, the management board of CET-QA proposed to NLU’s President Board its mandates which aim to ensure the quality assurance activities are profoundly acknowledged in the international integration stage. Pursuant to Decision no. 3413/QĐ-ĐHNL-TCCB dated 10th October 2017, Quality Management office has officialy been approved to operate with the mandates of developing strategy and solutions for NLU’s internal quality assurance system in the orientation of regional and international integration.